Catherine Sieck is an artist and gardener who makes work in the vein of folk art traditions which accompany ritual, devotion, and storytelling. 

Her pieces, cut with a sharp blade from paper and copper, are made to meet moments of beauty and grief with intimate immediacy as well as an eye for the cyclical nature of that which continuously pulls us apart and remakes us. 

She seeks to make work imbued with the vitality of the cycles of death and rebirth, apprenticing to the living world to try and get that lush/whole feeling right.

The elemental, the erotic, the mundane, the familial and the unfamiliar all tangle together as the cut-out style unifies them into one densely woven image.

Her recent book, Orbiting Whorl, moves between a personal, raw reckoning with death and a wider-view exploration of ancestral death practices & regeneration myths. It was published by Play Press, and features contributions from Sylvia V. Linsteadt, Rachel Blodgett, and Iruka Maria Toro. 

Catherine also offers custom work in copper and paper, get in touch to learn more about this process!


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